Exploring the Future of Doing Good


Big Lottery Fund is starting a debate about what ‘doing good’ looks like in the future. Find out more by reading our report, watching our video below, or reading a quick summary.


What is ‘doing good’?

The context for ‘doing good’ – creating social value – has changed beyond recognition in recent years. We’ve experienced financial crisis and global economic slowdown, corporate scandals in industries like banking, government significantly cutting back on public spending, and charities facing increasing debate about their role in creating a good society.

It’s in this context that we want to facilitate a debate across the whole of society – including communities, charities, social enterprises, businesses and the state – about how ‘doing good’ should evolve in the future.

What does it mean for how we support people to build better communities, and improve their own lives and the lives of those who live around them? What’s the role of charities, businesses, government and communities? How should we all be working together?

What do we want to know?

We don’t have the answers, but we think there are some important questions we should all be asking ourselves about how we create good. They’re by no means exhaustive. Others will have plenty more questions to contribute. However, we hope they will provoke a debate and help get the conversation started. Questions such as:

  • Who gets to say what ‘doing good’ looks like?
  • Is ‘doing good’ about fixing people’s needs, or building strengths?
  • Do we focus too much on the organisations that ‘do good’ (e.g. charities, voluntary groups and social enterprises)? Do we need to focus more on the bigger system they work in?
  • How do you measure ‘doing good’?
  • How do we get better at ‘doing good’?
  • Accountability for ‘doing good’?
  • How can we harness technology to do more good?

How can I get involved?

You can check out the full report which takes a closer look at the questions above. Over the coming weeks there will be guest posts from experts in a range of different sectors reflecting on ‘doing good’.

Check out our Get Involved page for information on how you can join the discussion.