About the Big Lottery Fund



About us:

The Big Lottery Fund is the largest community funder in the UK, funding around 13,000 projects using money raised by National Lottery players. Most of our grants are small – £10,000 or less – but they add up to £700 million a year and our funding reaches into every neighbourhood in the UK. The people running the projects we fund are amazingly creative and resourceful, and our job is to support them to do great things in their communities.

Those communities face sizeable challenges, such as the changing role of the state in their lives, demographic trends such as ageing, and the impact of globalisation on the labour market. As a funder distributing vital good causes money raised by National Lottery players, we want to make great choices that enable people and communities to flourish.

Those choices need to be informed by a much broader conversation, across all sectors. We want to facilitate a debate across the whole of society – including communities, charities, social enterprises, businesses and the state – about how ‘doing good’ should evolve in the future.

We hope that this work catalyses broader thought and action across all sectors to crack the tough challenges facing people and communities in the UK. Ultimately, we believe the moment is also one of opportunity: to radically rethink the way people and communities can shape and improve their lives and ultimately thrive.

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