Darren Murinas: ‘My Vision of Doing Good’

“I have been generously invited to share my thoughts on what the Future of Doing Good looks like. Back in May I was invited to the Big Lottery Fund’s conference on the Future of Doing Good. I found the day very interesting and insightful. I believe that most people in today’s society want to do something good to help and support others less fortunate than themselves.

First of all I believe we all need to listen to the voices of the people that we want to Do Good for. We need to build trust and equal relationships between policymakers, commissioners, funders, charities, the third sector, statutory sector and the private sector. We all have a very big part to play in the Future of Doing Good.

In the past people that we have supported have often been left feeling dis-empowered, isolated from mainstream society, and have often been given negative labels and stereotypes.  So my vision for the future is  that we all need to work closer together, to build better relationships between us all. Using cooperation, collaborations, coalitions and partnerships, we need to listen to each other and learn from each other so we can lead together.

Also let’s remember that we are all experts in our own lives. We need to respect each other and work together to provide a better future for us all.”

Darren Murinas 2
Expert Citizen Stoke Insight Conference (2015)  

Darren Murinas is Chair of Expert Citizens, trustee for the Lankelly Chase Foundation and board member of the Voices Partnership in Stoke-on-Trent.  The Expert Citizens are a group of individuals with lived experience in the field of multiple needs; homelessness, mental ill-health, addiction and offending behaviour. They use the insight from their own lived experience to motivate systems change and to give people a voice to shape their own futures.

Expert Citizens are holding another Insight Conference (the 2015 conference is pictured above) on 7th December, to discuss multiple and complex needs, and the future of systems change. At last year’s event, they gave awards to professionals in several different areas for their work supporting people with multiple and complex needs.


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