Dan Corry: Too Many Charities?

Dan CorryDan Corry, CEO of  New Philanthropy Capital writes in Civil Society about recent comments from Lord o’Donnell that “if we were being really honest, we all know that there are simply too many charities.” Corry disagrees with this assessment, however, he does agree that the charity sector is not as effective as it could be.

Corry wants the Charity Commission to take on a stronger role monitoring and regulating the impact of the sector, activities of trustees and the amount of newly registered charities. Trustees should be more than just financial custodians, but should take on  roles such as helping to improve impact assessments. The Charity Commission should use the wealth of data it holds on charities to nudge the sector towards making better decisions, and improve transparency and accountability.

Click here to read the rest of the article in Civil Society. What is the role of the Charity Commission? Should it just be a regulator, or should it provide more specific support to individual charities?

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