Dawn Austwick, Goodbye to CSR

Dawn A.jpegDawn Austwick, writing for the Naked Leader
, describes the near future of Doing Good, where social enterprise movements will be replacing the more static Corporate Social Responsibility model. Many for-profit companies have social elements to their activities, and by joining networks like the B Corp Movement, they can get peer and expert support to put social purpose at the front of their business model.

This is not just unfounded optimism; the B Corp Movement has already launched 62 new businesses with a socially responsible focus, and is looking to attract big names like Unilever. On the other end of the spectrum, Timpson’s, the high street cobbler/key cutter/repair service, has been around for 150 years. They employ hundreds of current and former prisoners in its shops. It claims an 80% retention rate after 1 year, the same rate as employees hired from the general public.

Naked leader

Click here to read Dawn’s blog.

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