Nick Temple, Social Enterprise, 7 thoughts on future good

Nick TempleNick Temple, Deputy CEO of Social Enterprise UK, attended the Future of Doing Good event in London on 17th May. In this blog, he reflects on the day in  7 key points. 

He recollects his sense of discomfort at the idea of spending a whole day talking, an indulgence on his time that he could barely afford. But he was glad that the event took place at all, as it gave him the opportunity to discuss the challenges that Doing Good faces in the future and meet the people who might be able to provide the solutions. This is a sentiment that we heard a lot on the day. Many people were grateful that the event took place, but worried that we were spending too much time talking, and not enough energy doing.

Nick naturally approached the day through a Social Enterprise lens. Social Enterprises will continue to have an important role in the future, and, if the future is ‘sector less’, might be the sort of organisational model that takes the place of traditional charities.

Nick is sure that digital is great, but is concerned that there is tendency for jargon to get in the ways. Products are created that claim to provide a solution, without working out whether there is need in the first place. He spoke to people about the end of anger as a motivational force, about the value of local and place based systems and the need for these systems to be supported by effective infrastructure.

That was his overall takeaway from the day: that place based change, following models like Birmingham Impact Hub, requires decent, nationwide and cross sector infrastructure, and well funded innovative solutions and systems.

Read Nick’s full blog here. Were you at the event? Do you have thoughts about the day? Have you been following the discussion, and want to get more involved? Write us a blog and let us know, comment below and tweet @nicktemple1, @Social_Entuk and #FutureGood

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