Dawn Austwick, A Round Up Of the Future of Doing Good

Dawn ADawn Austwick, CEO of the Big Lottery Fund, reflects in Alliance magazine on the Future of Doing Good event that took place earlier in May on Tuesday 17th at the Dutch Hall, London. 

The event brought together over 100 people from across UK civil society to discuss and debate their vision of the Future of Doing Good. How to protect and grow civil society, what the challenges of the future look like, how to overcome them, and how to share our knowledge and take advantage of the systems and technology available to us. 

Dawn highlights three key themes that were particularly prominent on the day: ‘the return of righteous anger and the need for civil society to have a stronger voice, Leadership at all levels, and demographic and generational shifts and the opportunity and challenges they present.

Read Dawn’s article in the Alliance Magazine’s website here. Step Up To Serve’s CEO Charlotte Hill also attended the event, read her reflections on the day here. Were you at the Future of Doing Good event? Or did you follow the day on Twitter? Write your own response and let us know, comment below and tweet at @DawnJAustwick@BigLotteryFund and #FutureGood 

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