David Jubb, Battersea Arts Centre: The Scratch Process can make everything you do, better

David Jubb… and make you do better things. David Jubb, Artistic Director at Battersea Arts Centre, introduces us to the Scratch Process. It is a way of approaching problems, activities, even organisational structures. It gives you the freedom to fail, the capacity to experiment, within a constantly evolving system. In fact, failure and experiment are central to the scratch process. David says that it is a process that can be used by anyone, from youth workers to  civil servants. 

It is also an essentially communal and shared process. It allows the participants to constantly evaluate their activities and provide critical feedback. 

“By prioritising the way that we work together, using Scratch, I believe we are more likely to end up doing something that has value, that meets a need, and that’s also less likely to do damage through the imposition of a top-down goal, target or intention.”

Read about the Scratch Process here. 

Or how about another way of thinking about the world? Matthew Taylor, RSA, on Coordination Theory, that can help explain why organised change so often fails, and how to harness the power of entrepreneurial energy.

Tweet @davidjubb and  with #FutureGood. Is there a system or strategy you use in your daily life that could transform how we approach challenges and solve problems? Write a blog and let us know, or comment below.

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