Steve Haines, Neighbourly; The End Of Doing Good?

Steve HainesNeighbourly connects individuals and companies with good causes in their neighbourhood. Steve Haines, Head of Community Engagement, wonders why digital technology and communications hasn’t been a bigger disruptor of Doing Good. There are many ways in which the Internet and its incredible ability to connect people could revolutionise how we Do Good. We should be collaborating and sharing responsibility online and we should stop assuming that Doing Good is someone else’s responsibility: charities, government or business. We should be building our own movements online and taking change into our own hands.

How can Doing Good become embedded in our daily lives? Read the rest of Steve’s blog here.

What does it mean to use technology for Doing Good? What does a good use of technology look like? Read Cassie Robinson from Tech for Good.  And here’s a good example of using data to Do Good: Simon Rowell, Big Society Capital, on how clever data analysis can be used to increase access to social investment.

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