Birmingham Impact Hub: Embracing Movement and Funding Change

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Birmingham Impact Hub are building a diverse and supportive community  web that will allow individuals to overcome challenges and find their own creative, innovative solutions, as part of an international network of Impact Hubs that collaborate and share resources. Their blog response to Sonia’s report sets out a model for what #FutureGood can look like. 

Immy Kaur-min
Immy Kaur, Co-Founder and Director, Birmingham Impact Hub, at the Future of Doing Good Event, 17th May 2016


Funders need to embrace movements and change, rather than organisations existing in perpetuity. They need to be transparent, democratic and open, and need to  direct their funding  to help their beneficiaries open up as well.

In the future, in a world that is becoming more connected and more international, place-based movements will be more important than ever.

Connectivity is vital for effective collaboration, another feature of future movements that will be focusing on solving the biggest issues in order to bring about systems change. Funders will need to provide financial and knowledge-based support and will need to think about how they can move beyond a finacialised model:

The role that organisations like Big Lottery can play in investing, uncovering and giving legitimacy to new “Public & Collective Goods” – such as game changing ideas like Basic Income – will be integral to creating a pathway for others and into the mainstream economy, much like the great philanthropists have done previously in funding civil rights movements in the 1960s, or the Anti-Slavery movements of the 19th centuries.

Read  the entire of Birmingham Impact Hub’s road map for the future here. What do you think is the model for Future Doing Good? Are there existing fringe models that will be common place in the future? What works now that needs to be replicated? What is broken and needs to scrapped?

Write a response and let us know. Comment below, tweet at @ImmyKaur,  and #FutureGood

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