Can a brand make good things happen?

Robert Jones Wolff Olins


Robert Jones,  from design and branding agency Wolff Olins, writes about  the branding of ‘doing good’ in this fascinating blog. Charities and voluntary organisations are trying to shrug off the old image of traditional philanthropy and are trying to embrace a more modern image. But in the process, some organisations are trying to be too many things at once, leading to a confused identity. There are new models of giving and supporting socially progressive causes; new types of social investment, a new generation of socially-conscious CEO’s and a new digitally savvy, critical consumer.

Have new ways of giving and supporting made the traditional charity brand redundant? How can social sector organisations use branding and design techniques to highlight their cause in an increasingly loud and busy marketplace? How can branding empower the ‘receiver’ as well as expanding the reach of the ‘giver’?

Read the entire blog post on the Wolff Olins site here.

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