Paul Flatters, Trajectory Partnership: Accentuating the Positive

Paul Flatters Trajectory Partnership 2.PNG


Paul Flatters, writing on the Trajectory Partnership site, is optimistic about the future. Sure, there are challenges facing  the social sector. But the fact that we are asking the question at all ‘what is the future of doing good’ is in itself a positive thing!


“The questions that we ask ourselves and the questions we fail to ask ourselves as societies, are crucial in determining social progress or decline. They are reflective of our concerns, consciousness and values. In recent times, where we have chosen to ask ourselves whether it was fair that gay and lesbian people were not allowed to marry or whether it would be better for Britain to no longer be part of the EU reflect our values and concerns as a society. Due consideration of the changing context for doing good, and how good might be maximised in that context has to be, in and of itself, a hugely ‘good’ thing. If nothing else, we are asking the right question.”

You can read the rest of the blog here. Tweet Paul at @PFTrajectory and join the debate at #FutureGood. Have your own response to Paul’s blog, or the Future of Doing Good report? Write a blog and let us know,  or leave a comment below.

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