Simon Rowell, Big Society Capital, on using data to increase access to Social Investment

Simon Rowell, BSC.PNG


On Wednesday 28th April, NCVO released a new report on the social investment market. The report lays out a detailed analysis of the financial data gathered from the social investment market and presents a review of the experience of social sector organisations who have engaged with social investors. It explores the motivations, challenges and barriers that face organisations that are attempting to enter the market.

Simon Rowell, Head of Strategy and Market Development at Big Society Capital, discusses the report:

“We often hear anecdotally of the number of charities and social enterprises that could take social investment and know many social investors are busy trying to find them. But given the hundreds of thousands of organisations in the social sector, it can often feel like trying to find a needle in a haystack. So how can we better connect the right investors to the right charities and social enterprises? “

Read the rest of the blog here.

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