Business as a Force for Good – what does that actually mean?



“Business as a force for good”. It’s an oft touted phrase, but what does it mean?

It’s the topic of a recent article by David Taylor – founder of the Naked Leader. David – who also authored the best selling book of the same name – knows a thing or two about business. With a 25 year track record of helping businesses develop their leadership and change for the better, he’s well placed to understand how businesses can be involved in the future of doing good.

David’s share some of his initial thoughts on the report and the Future of Doing Good discussion:

  • You get to say what being a #force4good, or ‘doing good’, looks like
  • Is it possible to measure ‘doing good’?
  • Make it personal

Check them out and don’t forget to share your opinions. You can join in by leaving a comment on one of the articles , joining in with the discussion using the hashtag #FutureGood or get in touch if you would like to write your own article.


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