David Robinson: “Don’t Read this Blog”

(Cymraeg/ Welsh)

David Robinson Blog

David Robinson posted a great blog on the ‘Rough Guide to Early Action’ report. Click here to read the report. A lot of this touches on the Future of Doing Good. He discusses evaluating  Early Action (which sceptics call an impossible task), the great positive results that have come out of preventative action (in the short and long term) and the value of light touch partnerships.


There are some great examples of  resourceful and effective programmes that come up with intelligent ways to solve difficult problems, such as the post service in Jersey delivering social and health services.

David points out that “grant makers and commissioners and indeed many policy makers and practitioners, look for a deficit to fill rather than an asset to build on.”

How much are funders responsible for some of the problems in the social sector? Certainly the assets that funders control puts them in a position of independence and responsibility: what kind of role should they have in driving change in the sector?

These are the kinds of questions Sonia Sodha asks in the Future of Doing Good report

You can read all of David Robinson’s blog here on the Community Links site

And get involved with the debate! We would love to hear your response, by commenting on this post, sending us a link to your blog and tweeting at #futuregood 

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