Scope NI and the Future of Doing Good


Scope FoDG Page

(click here to view this page in Welsh)

Nick Garbutt at Scope has posted this interesting response to the Future of Doing Good report:

“The Big Lottery Fund has just published a report on the future of charities

The Future of Doing Good which can be accessed here is essential reading for anyone in the sector, it is without question one of the most insightful papers published in the field, laying out as it does the many challenges ahead and exposing many of the tensions that currently exist both within the sector itself and between it and its partners.


Its author is Sonia Sodha, Chief Leader Writer at the Observer, and former advisor to Ed Miliband. Her paper does not provide any answers, but it does raise a whole series of soul-searching questions, some of which we summarise here.

The sector is complex and multifaceted and people within it have different notions of what they mean by doing good, or “creating social value” in today’s jargon.”


Read the rest of the blog here or here and let us know what you think  by commenting below or writing your own response. Tweet on the hashtag #futuregood

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